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I’m passionate about helping women pursue the fulfilling careers they deserve while enjoying the exciting—or low key!—life they want.


Hey there! Do you have big goals in life and in business, but year after year you find yourself making the same resolutions, without any progress? I’ve been there, and I can help. With strategy sessions, consulting, and free resources, I’m your lady!

I spent years spinning my wheels, month after month of “big plans,” and “okay, now I’m serious,” statements, only to lose my steam and give up.

Not only was I unsure of what I really wanted in life, but I was too busy making excuses to get anywhere. It was a really frustrating position to be in, and at the end of the day I was so tired of chasing my tail that I inevitably gave up every. time. 


I was doing all the things I “should” do:

  • Designing the perfect brand

  • Posting all the right things on Facebook

  • Attending all the best networking events


But at the end of the day, my focus was scattered, and the impact was so low, that I was running on empty. 


It wasn’t until I got crystal clear on what I wanted for my life and my business that I was able to stop spinning my wheels, and start making moves toward the life I’ve been dreaming about for more than a decade. 


I’m passionate about working with women who feel stuck, and are ready to build the life they want, but aren’t sure where to start. 


If this sounds like you, and you’re ready to get serious about crushing your goals, then you’re in the right place


Let’s do this!

Ya'll know I've got receipts. 

Certified Health Coach


Certified Life Coach

Certified Scrum Master 

Aced the mandatory sexual harassment training in 2017


Okay, but who are you?

When I'm not posing for incredibly professional headshots, you can usually find me in beautiful Austin, Texas watching Netflix with my hubby. I've also been known to hit up a yoga or Orange Theory class from time to time. (Don't worry, I post all my workouts on Instagram.)

One of my great passions is cooking, and I do so most weeknights, usually something Paleo or smothered in cheese—we walk a fine line between healthy and cheesy in this house. On the weekends I leave the cooking to the professionals, and enjoy brunch on the patio.

I've worked in marketing for most of my career, balancing between copy, strategy, and design, and have had roles in every size organization from a scrappy 4-person outfit to a global corporate entity. My entrepreneurial streak has led me in many directions, including blogging, start-up pitching, and podcasting.

Get It Together Podcast

A self-help podcast for people who hate self-help, we created Get It Together in 2018 because we looked around the coaching world and didn't see a welcoming place for no-nonsense people like us to build a community of personal development.

We set out to prove that you can like Netflix and cursing, and also be a completely motivated, introspective, and goal-crushing human.

Check us out wherever you get your podcasts

Strategic Vision Workshops

I'm most alive when I'm in the creative flow, envisioning a future that I'm excited about, and strategizing on how to make that future a reality.


My Strategic Vision Workshops are a fun afternoon of growth, community-building, and creativity. There's nothing like the buzz you get after spending the afternoon planning the life you love with a supportive community cheering you on!

Join me for the next workshop 


“Jess is an excellent vision board guide and facilitator. She helped me figure out my goals for the year and put together a vision board that could speak to me and inspire. So much fun, none of us wanted to stop.”

— Karen

“The vision board workshop was a blast! It was so much fun to get lost in the flow of a creative and productive project like this. It set the tone for a great weekend and I have the board I made framed in my kitchen. ”

— Sarah

How does a digital solutions
consulting project work?

When your company has a challenge or set of challenges and isn’t sure how to solve them? That’s where I come in. My approach is to look at a project holistically—and without bias—to come up with the best course of action for your business. 


A project will usually go as follows:

  • Discovery

    • Problem definition: What problem are we trying to solve?

    • Approach: How are we going to investigate this problem?

    • Data gathering: Find out everything we can about the issue

  • Solutioning

    • Data Analysis: What does our data show?

  • Recommendations

    • Advice: What is the best solution according to our data and expertise?

  • Support

    • Implementation: Enact positive change based on the recommendations.

Digital Solutions Consulting

I’ve spent most of my career in digital marketing and design, and have picked up a thing or two along the way. 


I work with small- to medium-sized businesses who are looking for some focus in their efforts, and a step-by-step plan for reaching their goals. 


From coming up with a digital marketing strategy, to helping you define your brand look and voice, I start every project with a discovery session to help you get clear on what you need to do to get to the next level. 


Here are some goals I’ve helped businesses accomplish:

  • Defined brand and voice direction for a new venture or refresh

  • Simplified marketing strategy that focuses on high-impact, low-effort tasks

  • Organizational streamlining with the right processes and tools

  • Audience and user definition and research


If you need help with any of these areas, or just want someone to bounce ideas off of, let's set up a free one-hour discovery call

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