I've spent my career working with large businesses to achieve their marketing and brand goals. A decade later, I'm helping entrepreneurs do the same.

I pride myself on being the person on the team who will solve the problem, find the solution, and get everyone what they need to do their work successfully. I think about the big picture, the user’s experience, and how marketing goals can be met in unique ways. 


Aside from all of the paint-by-number facets you’ll find in my LinkedIn profile, here is what I bring to the table:


  • I overhauled one org’s “agile waterfall” project management style in one day with one pitch deck to executives. The presentation even included an animated GIF of TLC's "Don't Go Chasin' Waterfalls."

  • I’m a certified health and life coach, and spend every January posting relentlessly to Instagram about my annual Whole30.

  • I spent 3 years building C-level decks for a sales consulting firm and understand sales methodology from both the process and pitch point of view.

  • My love language is Acts of Service, and I’m a strong Upholder in the Four Tendencies framework. 

I'm not currently taking on new clients but I'd love to chat! Get in touch.

Jess Kennedy, Certified Health and Life Coach, Work-Life Balance advocate, dog-mom, badass.

When I'm not posing for incredibly professional headshots, you can usually find me in beautiful Austin, Texas watching Netflix with my husband and ohemgee adorable puppy, George. I've also been known to hit up a yoga or Orange Theory class from time to time. (Don't worry, I post all my workouts on Instagram.)

One of my great passions is cooking, and I do so most weeknights, usually something Paleo or smothered in cheese—we walk a fine line between healthy and cheesy in this house. On the weekends I leave the cooking to the professionals, and enjoy brunch on the patio.

I've worked in marketing for my entire career, balancing between copy, strategy, product, and design, and have had roles in every size organization from a scrappy 4-person outfit to a global corporate entity. My entrepreneurial streak has led me in many directions, including blogging, start-up pitching, and podcasting.

Get It Together Podcast

A self-help podcast for people who hate self-help, we created Get It Together in 2018 because we looked around the coaching world and didn't see a welcoming place for no-nonsense people like us to build a community of personal development.

We set out to prove that you can like Netflix and cursing, and also be a completely motivated, introspective, and goal-crushing human.

Check us out wherever you get your podcasts.